reponse Jeunesse

Reponse Jeunesse

A preventive anti–ageing line that helps preserve and prolong the skins youth potential. For all women who wish to slow the damages caused by the passing of time.

  •      The MATIS solution
         A preventive anti ageing line that helps to preserve and prolong the youthful reserves of the skin.
  •     For whom? Why?
        For all those who wants to fight against the harmful effects of time
  •     The beauty results
         Hydrated and nourishes, the skin is better oxygenated and its beauty and youth are preserved.
  •     The star product

Avant Age Jeunesse : A new MATIS solution to give skin an advantage over time. A healthy diet and excellent life hygiene are essential for beautiful, balance skin. But you need something extra to prevent the marks of time from being written on the face. Vulnerable and under constant strain, the skin slowly loses it's youthful reserves and wears itself out managing stress and harsh environmental factors. The fruit of two years development, this skin care cream is born of the combination of two powerful complexes of ultra-innovative active ingredients for anti-ageing prevention and protection of the skin's beauty cycle from the age of 25.


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